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A Coastal Texas Project

One of my aspirations as an artist, and more specifically, a coastal artist, is to create an abstract map of each state that celebrates its water - whether it be lakes, rivers, the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. I am most familiar with Florida, my home state, so I started there. I was then asked about a map for Texas, which is where I currently live and enjoy the coast. I was eager to get started and spent a fair amount of time deciding what to include in the map. I love lighthouses, and I am not sure too many people know that Texas has lighthouses. Texas also has incredible birding opportunities, including my personal favorite (featured on the map), the roseate spoonbill. Texas also has a healthy sea turtle nesting population - and the longest stretch of undeveloped barrier island in the world (!!! There are colorful Texas wildflowers, found on the beach and throughout the state. And last, but most certainly not least, I have found some beautiful seashells along the shoreline in Galveston! Enjoy - and tell me, what is your favorite 'coastal' state?

Concept sketches

In progess

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